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FormRouter Tools

FormRouter.NET (Home page)
FormRouter.NET is a complete form hosting and retrieval service that enables you to create, host and retrieve online form responses without programming.

Forms On AIR (Platform: Adobe AIR) In Beta
Forms On AIR software transforms HTML forms into mini databases on the desktop. This allows users to enter in as many records as they want into individual forms. Then, when an Internet connection is present, the forms can be submitted securely online through FormRouter’s online form collection service to all major databases.

QED Forms Widget (Platform: IBM QEDWiki) In Beta
The QED Forms Widget makes it easy to mash customer contact and other records into PDF forms to kick-off ad-hoc workflows. The tool is offered as a Widget for IBM’s QEDWiki mashup tool.

This Widget allows non-technical knowledge workers to rapidly pre-populate PDF forms with datasets inside or outside their organizations. Once the PDF forms is filled, it can be securely submitted through the Internet to databases such as Lotus Notes Domino using the FormRouter.NET service.

Pre-population of PDF forms and secure online data collection of PDF form responses previously required programming. The combination of off-the-shelf PDF forms, IBM’s QEDWiki and FormRouter.NET make this process a snap.

IBM Tools

QEDWiki (Home page)
QEDWiki is a browser-based assembly canvas used to create simple mashups.

Adobe Tools

Adobe® AIR™ (Home page)
Adobe AIR lets developers use their existing web development skills in HTML, AJAX, Flash and Flex to build and deploy rich Internet applications to the desktop.



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